Private Lessons

Private Class Benefits:

Personal Attention:
The techniques taught in group classes and private classes are the same. The difference is that when you are training one-on-one with an instructor, he/she will give you immediate feedback regarding your technical execution since he/she knows precisely how it is supposed to feel. In a group lesson, unless you have a very attentive training partner, you may make a mistake and not realize it, and this may lead to the development of bad habits.

Flexible Schedule:
In general, private lessons can be scheduled at any time, day or night, how crazy your schedule may be, you will always be able to get your weekly training of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Minimum Time, Maximum Results:
Whether you only have 30 days to train before you are deployed, or you are visiting from another state, private classes will enable you to get the most amount of knowledge in the least amount of time.

Focused Learning:
If you regularly attend the group classes and want to tighten up on a few techniques or want to focus on a specific area, you can schedule a one-time private class to give you that extra edge.

Special Needs:
If you or a loved one have a physical or mental disability that could get in the way from benefiting fully in a group class setting, private classes are a great option since the instructor will be able to modify the techniques to accommodate special needs.

Private Classes with Our Assistant Instructors are $50 per half-hour session,
Private Classes with Rylan Lizares are $75 per half-hour session,
please call 808-277-3744 to schedule your lesson.