Mount Cross Choke Lesson




“Just because Jiu-Jitsu is Simple, Doesn’t mean its Easy – Master Pedro Sauer.”

From the mounted position, the simplest detail such as putting your hand into your opponents lapel may not be that easy. This drill is to condition your hands and base to achieving the proper hand and head position so you may finish the fight with a choke from the mount.

Underhand grip – Palm facing up, four fingers inside the lapel
Overhand grip – Palm down, Thumb inside the lapel

3 Hand Positions
1. Underhand/Overhand
2. Underhand/Underhand

Gripping Rule of Thumb – For securing the second hand
If you grip over your lead arm, secure an “overhand” grip
If you grip under your lead arm, secure an “underhand” grip

Head Positioning Rule of Thumb
Place your head on the side of the arm that is crossed on Top

Practice, Practice, Practice! The more comfortable you are placing your hands in the lapel from the mount, the easier it will be to secure the choke when you need it.


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